Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2022

Artificial Art in Games

I tried my hand at having midjourney create a world map.
The result looks impressive at first glance:

However, once you start looking at the details, you can recognize the flaws.
In all seriousness: mountains consisting of water? Trees in the midst of the ocean? And the flow of the rivers is a catastrophe!

Having posted this "map" on my Social Media Accounts, I received mixed replies.

I really do appreciate your comments.
Each and every one of them.
I understand, how this whole topic is difficult at best for at least as long as there is no jurisdiction for art like that.

Also, I agree with statements along the lines of "much to learn you still have, young A.I.". They are simply the truth: The A.I. here shows, how it does not have a single clue about how mountains do not consist of water, how rivers should flow and what else.

For now.

However, I think, what I presented here is going to be the future. Inevitably. The creators of those A.I.s do not want to present their creation as a failure. The machines are getting better at picturing and "imagining" stuff. With every day. And at the current speed of progress, this is not an issue, we can leave to the next Generation to deal with. 
I believe, in a mere couple of years machines will produce art superior to what many human artists can produce. Or at the very least, they can produce art good enough for people with no artistic skill.
And this is something we all will have to cope with. Whether we want it or not. 
Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.

Another example for A.I.:
If you "speak" with GPTChat, you will quickly realize, how this bot is able to produce very generic rules for games.
Yes, those rules are mediocre at best, but they come with a structure, they come with solid ideas a designer could build upon and the chatbot starts failing as soon as you want details such as who gets to move when or when (and why) do you roll which die.

For now...

Samstag, 17. Dezember 2022

Whack&Slaughter Hero Card - Ragnar

Look who has just been released into the wild.

Ragnar has gotten the second official #HeroCard for #whackandslaughter:

#free #miniature #agnostic #skirmish #wargame #printandplay #dice #fantasy #moba #28mm 

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