Dienstag, 28. Februar 2023

Brainstorm: Scenarios

For agnostic rules set in agnostic settings you need generic scenarios.

This is a brainstorm, heavily inspired by many other skirmish games:

Gang Warfare

This is the most basic, generic scenario: gang versus gang - fight, until only one gang (or at least one member therof) remains

Claim "anything" from centre

Place a token in the centre. This token can represent literally anything. The first player to carry the token off the gaming area with one of his fighters wins.

King of the Hill.

Only works with the optional rule Respawn.

Place 5 control points in the area in the same vein as the 5 pips on a six sided die, with the central controlpoint lying in the centre of the gaming area and the outer control points being 6" away from the central control point so they are right on the centre of the line from the central control point to the border.

Each team has got a number of markers equal to the number of control points. 

To claim a control point, at the end of upkeep have more fighters than any other player at a control point. Replace the control point with one of your markers. This counts as a control point under your control. 

At the very beginning of upkeep receive 1 VP for each control point you are controlling.

First team to receive 20 VP wins. If both teams reach 20 (or more) VP on the same turn, a sudden death mode is activated, which revokes the Respawn rule.

Capture the Flag

Only works with the optional rule Respawn.

Each team has got a flag in the home corner. Grab that flag and bring it into your base with your own flag in place to score 1 VP.

The first team to score 2 VPs wins.

Tug of War

Only works with the optional rule Respawn.

Place 3 control points: one in the very centre, the other two right between the centre and a team's starting corner. The first team to control all 3 control points wins.

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