Donnerstag, 23. März 2023

Fishing28 - a non wargame miniature game

 So, I ran into "Fishing28" - a miniature game that is NOT a wargame:

And for my German fellows:

I think, there should be more games like this ... maybe a challenge could help out here ... hmmmm ...

And this happened:

Wow ... =)

Mittwoch, 8. März 2023

RETHEME - a Print and Play Story

Thanks to a comment by redditor u/Responsible-Draw5354 and some research on my side I've got a story to tell.

It all begins in the year 2010 ...

2010 - Jason Sondoh releases "Escape of the Dead":

2020 - Pascal Toupy takes the mechanics of "Escape of the Dead" and releases the game in some wargaming magazine as "Firebase Vietnam":

2021 - Brendan Whyte creates "Defense of Rorke's Drift" and attributes his game to "Firebase Vietnam":

2022 - I am introduced to "Defense of Rorke's Drift" without being aware of all the other iterations and think "Hey - his would make some cool Zombie game":

Ladies and Gentlemen - the circle of life.

p.s.: If anyone of you is active at the 'geek and wants to earn some Geekgold, you are free to create a game page for BRAAAINZ if you assign it to my designer's page: (which is still in place, oddly enough..)

In a second step you might want to create a "is reimplemented by" loop:

Escape of the Dead -> Firebase Vietnam -> Defense of Rourke's Drift -> BRAAAAAINZ -> Escape of the Dead

Just for "teh lulz"

Best regards (also to the crowd at the 'Geek),


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