Mittwoch, 30. August 2023

Ritual 28 - a non combat tabletop miniatures game about pagan worship


So, today I had the pleasure to play Ritual 28 - a non combat tabletop miniatures game about pagan worship by @ben_has_hobbies.

To set up the game you will need a playing area of 30x30cm (that's 1ft x 1ft for those people measuring in anything but metric), some kind of artefact to put into the centre, two teams of 4 dancing models and a regular, six sided die.

Digging through my miniatures, I found some with roughly dancing poses:

The sisterhood of the blade

And the 
sisterhood of the spirit

The teams are set up on opposing sides of the playing area

Then they start their dance: Each turn at least 1 model has to move between 1 and 3 inches. It may not move parallell to one of the gaming area's sides and it thus moves either clockwise or counter clockwise around the artifact in the centre. Other models following, have to use that direction, too.

The dance begins

Once you have got your models positioned in what can roughly be called a square around the central artefact, you may use your actions to try to attune the models

However, if your models get attuned while near opposing models, their attunement gets lost

The first team to have all 4 dancers attuned wins the game

My overall impression:
Ritual 28 is short, somewhat puzzely game consisting of basically 2 phases:
In the first phase of the game you bring your dancers into position.
In the second phase you move them back and forth trying to get them attuned while robbing your opponent's dancers of their attunement.
Playing time is 15-20 minutes, which is perfect for a small game like this.

If that's your cup of tea, then you can get the rules for free at Ben's Patreon.

I've put in way too many terrain. I believe, the game is meant to be played with just the central piece and nothing else. In hindsight, those additional trees within the gaming area were more of a hinderance as they toppled over every time I moved a model past them, and the marbles rolled away, so I had to put them back. All those have not been necessary - but they surely added to the scene :)

Dienstag, 15. August 2023

Skirmishdeck - first draft

Tired of playing the same 5-7 missions over and over again?

Time to try something new?

The Skirmish deck comes to aid:

Written as a generic tool with no certain ruleset in mind, this deck provides you with 26 cards to combine into multi-objective missions for your scenario. Throw in a betting mechanic allowing two contrahents to bet on their ability to claim said objectives and you will get over 15.000 possibilities to play each scenario.

As presented here, the deck is in a beta state:

It will be published via Drivethrucards, but needs to be reviewed by YOU!

As you have found this blog entry via some kind of social media site, you might just want to get into contact with me right there - I'm pretty active on all kinds of social media platforms :)

If you want it, go and get it:

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