Donnerstag, 21. April 2022

Super Simple Star Ship Skirmish System

 ... or "how many words starting with S can you fit into one title"? 😇

In the facebook group „Super Cheap Wargaming“ a trend occured:
Crafting spaceships out of clothespin parts.
Pretty awesome, if you ask me ..

However, the people there started wondering, which ruleset they could possibly use. 
And while there are many rulebooks available for a price, the availabilty of free rules is scarce at best.

So I took some time and mixed some rules I have learned from another starship game with some other rules I‘ve written and that have proven pretty well balanced to create a fast paced star ship skirmisher.

And the best part is – of course, as with every other CatZeyeS game – the rules are here for free!

Currently I'm in the process of developing them - what I'm lacking right now are playtesters as well as ideas for scenarios.
I hope some of you guys do have some ideas - feel free to chat me up at FB, Twitter or reddit to talk about them. You can find the according links here on the right -> 

And here comes the current draft of the rules:

(sorry for the weird name ...)


Kind regards,

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